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Solcoseryl Eye Gel 5g – 1 tube

Price/Tube: $29.00
Generic Name: Solcoseryl 8.3 mg/g
Manufacturer: Menarini

Solcoseryl Eye Gel is used to treat Hypoxia, Tissue damage, Hypoxia, and other disorders. Solcoseryl Eye Gel can be used to treat other conditions that are not covered in this medication guide.

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Solcoseryl Eye Gel is used to treat Hypoxia, Tissue damage, Hypoxia, and other disorders. Solcoseryl Eye Gel can be used to treat other conditions that are not covered in this medication guide.

Solcoseryl Eye Gel contains Protein-Free Haemodialysate as an active ingredient.

Solcoseryl Eye Gel works by stimulating specific S-6 kinase.

More detailed information about Solcoseryl Eye Gel’s usage and dosage, composition, side effects, and reviews are listed below.


Solcoseryl Eye Gel is used to aid in the treatment and control, prevention, and treatment of the following conditions as well as symptoms and conditions:

  • Hypoxia
  • Tissue damage
  • Solcoseryl Eye Gel can be used for other reasons not listed here.

Learn more about Applications


Consult your doctor or pharmacist or the product’s package to get this information.


Before you use Solcoseryl Eye Gel, inform your doctor about the current medications and other over-the-counter products (e.g., vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. ), allergies, existing diseases, and current health issues (e.g., pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc). Certain health conditions can increase your risk of the adverse effects of this drug. Use as directed by your physician or follow the directions printed on the product’s insert. The dosage depends on the severity of your condition. Inform your physician if your health condition continues to worsen or persists. The most important counseling tips are given below.

  • Could you not take it by mouth? Talk to your physician before applying this medication to open cuts dry, chapped skin, sunburned, or irritated skin.
  • Cleanse your hands before as well after using the Solcoseryl eye gel. Cleanse and dry the skin area that is to be treated.
  • Do not clean the area that has been treated after promptly applying the Solcoseryl eye gel. Avoid using other products applied to the area unless advised by your physician.
  • Applying too much could cause excessive dosages can cause pilling. Apply a thinner or less of the medicine to prevent the pilling.
  • Be careful not to get this medication in your nose, eyes, or mouth.

The Interactions of Solcoseryl Eye Gel

Consult your doctor or pharmacist or the product’s package for more information.

When not to use Solcoseryl Eye Gel

You should consult your doctor, pharmacist or read your product’s package to get this information.

Composition and Active Ingredients

Solcoseryl Eye Gel is made up of the active components (salts)

  • Protein-Free Haemodialysate

Be aware that this medicine is available in various dosages with each ingredient mentioned above.

Packages and Strengths

You should consult your doctor, pharmacist, or the product’s package for more information.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you think Solcoseryl Eye Gel is safe for use if pregnant?
  • Yes
  • Do you believe Solcoseryl Eye Gel is suitable for breastfeeding mothers?
  • Yes
  • Does Solcoseryl eye gel also treat Hypoxia and damage to tissues?
  • Hypoxia and tissue injury are just a few commonly mentioned uses for Solcoseryl eye Gel. Don’t use Solcoseryl Eye Gel to treat Hypoxia or tissue damage without first consulting the physician. Click here to see the survey results to learn what other patients have reported as typical uses for Solcoseryl Eye Gel.
  • Are you able to safely drive or operate heavy machinery when employing this particular product?
  • Suppose you suffer from the symptoms of drowsiness and hypotension, dizziness, or headache, as a side effect of using Solcoseryl Eye Gel. In that case, it might not be safe to drive a car or operate heavy machinery. It is not recommended to drive in a vehicle when the medication makes you sleepy and dizzy or significantly decreases your blood pressure. The doctors also advise patients to avoid drinking alcohol while taking medicines since alcohol can increase drowsiness adverse effects. Be sure to check for these side effects on your body while using Solcoseryl Eye Gel. Always consult your doctor for advice specifically tailored to your body and health issues.
  • Is this medication or product addictive or habit-forming?
  • The majority of medicines do not have an opportunity for abuse or addiction. In general, the government classifies medications that could be addicting under the heading of controlled substances. For instance, the schedule the H- or X category for India and the schedule II-V within the US. It is recommended to read the label on the product to confirm that the medication is not part of these specific categorizations for medicines. Don’t take medication for yourself and make your body more dependent on drugs without consulting medical professionals.
  • Is it possible to discontinue using this product now or must I slowly reduce the usage?
  • Certain medications need to be tapered or be stopped at once due to rebound side effects. Talk to your doctor for specific recommendations specific to your particular body, health, and other medicines you might be taking.

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