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Climax Spray (Lidocaine)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Lidocaine
Indication: Topical anesthesia of the mucous membranes
Manufacturer: MidasCare Pharma
Packaging: 200 Sprays (12gm in Bottle)
Strength: 12gm
Delivery Time: 6 To 14 days

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Buy Climax Spray Online?

Climax Spray is a topical spray that enhances delayed sexual pleasure by hardening your penis to rock hard.

The Spray keeps the penis long, active, and erect for extended sexual activities. Just spray on your penis and enjoy the delayed sexual action providing the ultimate orgasm to the female partner. With this, both partners have good sex.

This Spray is available at your nearest pharmacy stores. You can also purchase online from reliable pharmacy stores like pharmaoffshore. With online purchases, you can also have a home delivery at a discounted price.

What is Climax Spray?

Climax Spray comes in a 60 ml spray bottle. The main ingredient is Generic Lidocaine 10% aerosol, which comes in 200 metered doses (15gm)

The Spray is a male desensitizing genital spray (Generic Lidocaine) that temporarily delays premature ejaculation.

It is a unique medical formulation which dual-action. It helps provide long-lasting prolonged penile erection and also helps delay premature ejaculation.

Manufactured by Midas Pharmaceuticals, This Spray is readily available in pharmacy stores and on online drug stores Arrowmeds.com.

This contains the topical form of Lidocaine, which acts as a local anesthetic and delays premature ejection in men.

Strengths and USPs of Climax Spray:

Climax Spray is loaded with a bundle of benefits:

  1. This quick formula can be used instead of the oral form of treating premature ejaculation.
  2. The spray is a local anesthetic that has to be applied topically.
  3. The topical form gives better compliance as compared to oral therapy.
  4. Using topically, the onset of action is much faster than oral forms.
  5. Being the topical form, the side effects are also very less and constricted to the local application only.
  6. Being a local anesthetic, the spray can also be used as a pain reliever.
  7. Climax Spray makes your penis erect by creating numbness in the penile region.
  8. It also helps to make your penis stay erect for a more extended period as compared to oral drugs.
  9. It also increases sensitivity.
  10. It delays ejaculation, thereby preventing premature ejaculation.
  11. It improves the quality of sexual life.

What are the Uses of Climax Spray?

The following are the uses and benefits:

  1. For the penile erection
  2. Tackle Premature ejaculation
  3. Local anesthetic
  4. Pain-relieving spray
  5. For numbness

Side effects:

Do not use Climax Spray if you observe any of the following side effects:

Symptoms related to the heart like:

  • bradycardia,
  • low blood pressure.
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness,
  • confusion,
  • vomiting,
  • cold
  • heat sensation,
  • tremor,
  • euphoria,
  • other CNS-related symptoms.
  • The feeling of chest tightness
  • Swelling of face,
  • mouth,
  • lips,
  • tongue
  • Hives

Drug Interactions:

The following drugs show drug interactions with Climax Spray. Avoid the following medicines:

  1. Antiarrhythmic drugs
  2. Local anesthetic medicines
  3. anti-ulcer medications
  4. beta-blocker anti-hypertensives

Can I use Lidocaine along with a condom?

Yes, you can use a condom in conjunction with Climax Spray. This is used to postpone ejaculation and to maintain a penis erection for an extended period. It can be used in conjunction.

How does Climax Spray work?

Climax Spray contains Lidocaine, a local anesthetic. When sprayed on the penis during a sexual encounter, it stabilizes the nerve membrane by inhibiting ion passage. As a local anesthetic, it also desensitizes the nerves, resulting in premature ejaculation during

How to use Climax Spray?

Use this if you are a male above 18 years of age only. Spray on your penis 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Use the spray as per the following instructions:

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly for 10 seconds.
  2. Press the nozzle.
  3. Apply 3- 4 sprays on the head of the penis
  4. Spread evenly on the penis shaft with the help of a hand
  5. Leave as such for a few seconds for the lotion to dry off.
  6. A maximum of 10 sprays per day are enough.
  7. Rinse the area with water after intercourse.

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